SHARP’S Face Shield Made In JAPAN / Face Mask For Protection FG-F10M

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Material : Polycarbonate
Body Size:
● Frame (width× depth× height) 183×153×6mm
● Film (× and × thickness) 195×268×0.18mm

● Frame 14g
● Film 11g


1.Low reflection
•Reflection is drastically reduced by Moth Eye structure: refractive index is continuously changed.

•Moth Eye is formed over newly developed special acryl resin to eliminate the fogging.

3. High transparent clearness
•Polycarbonate substrate gives high transparent, low coloring, clear visibility.

● Do not use as a protective device against solids and fire.
● It cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated, and for the purpose of preventing them.
● Store this product away from high temperatures and humidity and places exposed to direct sunlight.
● If there is an abnormality on the skin or if it does not fit the skin, please suspend use.
● If you feel sick while wearing it, please stop using.
● Please keep in a place out of reach of infants.
● Do not use or store near fire.

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